Directors – Letters P Q R

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Director Movie(s)
Pabst, G.W. Diary of a Lost Girl (1929)
Joyless Street (1925)
Love of Jeanne Ney, The (1927)
Pandora’s Box (1929)
Treasure, The (1923)
Weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü, Die (1929)
Painlevé, Jean Vampire, Le (1945)
Palmer, H.S. Men’s Styles (1915)
Women’s Styles (1915)
Parker, Albert Black Pirate (1926)
Love of Sunya, The (1927)
Parrott, Charles Dirty Work in a Laundry (1918)
What a Whopper (1921)
Parrott, James Fluttering Hearts (1927)
Their purple moment (1927)
They go boom (1928)
Two Tars (1928)
Pastrone, Giovani Cabiria (1914)
Paul, R.W. A Chess Dispute (1903)
Buy Your Own Cherries (1904)
Come Along Do! (1898)
Countryman and the Cinematograph, The (1901)
Derby, The (1896)
Extraordinary Cab Accident (1903)
Motorist, The (1906)
Rough Sea at Dover (1895)
Peixoto, Mário Limite (1931)
Pemborke, Percy
Pembroke, Scott Brothers (1929)
Doctor Pyckle and Mr Pride (1925)
Navy Blue Days (1925)
Snow Hawk, The (1925)
West of Hot Dog (1924)
Peón, Ramón Virgen de la caridad, La (1930)
Pollard, Harry Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1927)
Porter, Edwin S. Execution of Czolgosz with Panorama of Auburn Prison (1901)
Fun in a Baker Shop (1902)
Gay Shoe Clerk, The (1903)
Great Train Robbery, The (1903)
Life of an American Fireman (1903)
Teddy Bears, The (1907)
Winter Straw Ride, A (1906)
Powell, Frank A Fool There Was (1915)
Powers, T.E. Never Again ! The Story of a Speeder Cop (1916)
Phable Of a Busted Romance (1916)
Phable of the Phat Woman (1916)
Pratt, Gilbert Are Crooks Dishonest? (1918)
City Slicker, The (1918)
Non-Stop Kid, The (1918)
Pratt, Jack Roman Candles (1920)
Protazanov, Yakov Aelita The Queen of Mars (1924)
Father Sergius (1917)
Queen of Spades, The (1916)
Ranks and People (1929)
Psilander, Valdemar Candle and the Moth, The (1915)
Great Circus Catastrophe, The (1912)
Temptations of a Great City (1911)
Pudovkin, Vsevolod Chess Fever (1925)
End Of St. Petersburg, The (1927)
Mother (1926)
Storm Over Asia (1929)
Ramos, José Manuel Tepeyac (1917)
Ray, Harry Even — As You And I (1937)
Ray, Man Emak-Bakia (1926)
Etoile de Mer, L’ (1928)
Mysteries of the Château of Dice, The (1929)
Retour de la Raison (1923)
Reiniger, Lotte Adventures Of Prince Achmed, The (1926)
Reis, Major Luiz Thomaz Ao redor do Brasil (1932)
Renoir, Jean Catherine (1924)
Fille de l’Eau, La (1924)
Nana (1926)
Petite marchande d’allumettes, La (1928)
Sur un air de Charleston (1927)
Tire-au-flanc (1928)
Reynolds, Lynn Just Tony (1922)
Sky High (1922)
Richter, Hans Rhythmus 21 (Film is Rhythm) (1921)
Rhythmus 23 (1928)
Vormittagsspuk (Ghosts Before Breakfast) (1928)
Roach, Hal A Sammy In Siberia (1919)
An Eastern Westerner (1920)
Billy Blazes, Esq. (1919)
Bumping Into Broadway (1919)
Captain Kidd’s Kids (1919)
Haunted Spooks (1920)
High and Dizzy (1920)
His Royal Slyness (1920)
I Do (1921)
Now or Never (1921)
Scorching Sands (1923)
Smithy [The Home Wrecker] (1924)
Robbins, Jess A Lucky Dog (1922)
Robbins, LeRoy Even — As You And I (1937)
Robertson, John S. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1920)
Tess of the Storm Country (1922)
Robinson, Arthur Warning Shadows [Schatten – Eine nächtliche Halluzination] (1923)
Rock, Joe Half a Man (1925)
Rodney, Earle Crazy To Act (1927)
Roiz, Gentil Aitaré da praia (1926)
Room, Abram Bed and Sofa (1927)
Ghost That Never Returns, The (1929)
Rossi, Aurelio Au Pays des Colosses et des Pygmées (1925)
Ruggles, Wesley Plastic Age, The (1925)
Ruttman, Walter Berlin, symphony of a great city (1929)
Opus 1 (1927)

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