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Actor Movie(s)
Takada, Minoru I Graduated, But… [Daigaku wa Deta Keredo] (1929)
Takagi, Eiji Tokyo March [Tokyo koshin-kyoku] (1929)
Takihana, Hisako Tokyo March [Tokyo koshin-kyoku] (1929)
Talazac, Odette Blood of a Poet, The (1930)
Taliaferro, Edith Young Romance (1915)
Taliaferro, Mabel Sunbeam, The (1912)
Talmadge, Constance Egyptian Mummy, The (1915)
Talmadge, Natalie Our Hospitality (1923)
Talman, Lloyd Robin Hood (1922)
Tamaki, Utako
Tanaka, Kinuyo I Graduated, But… [Daigaku wa Deta Keredo] (1929)
Tani, Reiko A Story of Floating Weeds [Ukigusa Monogatari] (1934)
Tapley, Rose A Cure for Pokeritis (1912)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1909)
It (1927)
Tarkhanov, Mikhail Ranks and People (1929)
Tauber, Richard I kiss your hand, Madam (1929)
Tavares, Ademar Aitaré da praia (1926)
Taylor, Avonne My best girl (1927)
Taylor, Estelle Ten Commandments, The (1923)
Taylor, Odette Saphead, The (1924)
Taylor, Wilton Outside the law (1920)
Tearle, Conway Stella Maris (1918)
Teddy, Keystone Sultan’s Wife, The (1917)
Teixeira, Guiomar A Filha do advogado (1926)
Teixeira, Norberto A Filha do advogado (1926)
Tellegen, Lou Parisian Love (1925)
Three Bad Men (1926)
Temporal, Rosa Aitaré da praia (1926)
Tereshkovich, Max End Of St. Petersburg, The (1927)
Terja Bey, Mahmud Woman in the Moon (1929)
Terja-Basa, Mammey Love of Jeanne Ney, The (1927)
Terof, Georges Fille de l’Eau, La (1924)
Terriss, Tom Sunnyside (1919)
Terry, Alice Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The (1921)
Terry, Frank Get Out and Get Under (1920)
Hustling for Health (1926)
Terry, Harry Manxman, The (1929)
Ring, The (1927)
Tettoni, Eugenio Last days of Pompeii (1913)
Thalasso, Arthur Strong Man, The (1926)
Thalbitzer, Karen Once Upon A Time [Der Van Engang] (1922)
Thatcher, Eva Count, The (1916)
Theby, Rosemary Second Hundred Years, The (1927)
Thimig, Hermann Wildcat, The (1921)
Thomas, Jameson Farmer’s Wife (1928)
Piccadilly (1929)
Thomas, Jane Hoosier Schoolmaster (1924)
Thomas, Olive Flapper, The (1920)
Thompson, Al Sawmill, The (1922)
Show, The (1922)
Thompson, Ray Go West (1925)
Thomson, Fred Love Light, The (1921)
Thorpe, Gordon Iron Mask, The (1929)
Thorpe, Richard Burn ’em Up Barnes (1921)
Thorwald, Frances Crade of Courage, The (1920)
Thyholt, Lorenz Parson’s Widow, [The Prästänkan] (1920)
Tiapkina, Elena House on Trubnaya, The (1928)
Tiedtke, Jakob Golem (Der) (1920)
Sumurun (1920)
Tilbury, Zeffie Camille (1921)
Tilley, Ronald Crazy To Act (1927)
Tilton, James A. Down to the Sea in Ships (1922)
Tincher, Fay Rowdy Ann (1918)
Tisse, Eduard October, Ten Days that shock the world (1927)
Todd, Harry Alkali Ike’s Auto (1911)
Todd, Lola Bells, The (1926)
Todd, Thelma Unaccustomed As We Are (1929)
Tolnaes, Gunnar Sex in Chains (1928)
Tolstoi, Gräfin Joyless Street (1925)
Tooker, William H. How Molly Made Good (1915)
Torf, Sylvia Student of Prague, The (1926)
Torrence, David City Girl (1930)
Tess of the Storm Country (1922)
Torrence, Ernest Hunchback of Notre-Dame, The (1923)
King of Kings, The (1927)
Peter Pan (1924)
Steamboat Bill Jr (1923)
Tol’able David (1921)
Torres, Asunción Los Milagros de la Divina Pastora (1928)
Torres, Carlos Cruz de um Angel, La (1929)
Touchages, Louis Entr’acte (1924)
Toulout, Jean Au secours ! (1923)
Touze, Maurice Fille de l’Eau, La (1924)
Townsend, Anna Grandma’s Boy (1922)
Trask, Wayland Her Torpedoed Love (1924)
Trebaol, Edouard Oliver Twist (1922)
Trenker, Luis Holy Mountain, The [Heilige Berg, Der] (1926)
Tretiakova, N. Aelita The Queen of Mars (1924)
Tréville, Georges Moulin Rouge (1928)
Trevor, Jack Love of Jeanne Ney, The (1927)
Trevor, Noman Love Trap, The (1929)
Trewey, Lucien Transformation by Hats
Truesdale, Howard Go West (1925)
Truesdell, Frederick Alias Jimmy Valentine (1915)
Trullen, Manuel Yo perdí mi corazón en Lima (1933)
Tryon, Glenn Along Came Auntie (1926)
Mother’s Joy (1924)
Near Dublin (1924)
Smithy [The Home Wrecker] (1924)
Tschechowa, Olga Moulin Rouge (1928)
Tsereteli, Nikolai Aelita The Queen of Mars (1924)
Tsibulsky, M. End Of St. Petersburg, The (1927)
Tsoppi, Viktor End Of St. Petersburg, The (1927)
Storm Over Asia (1929)
Tsubouch, Yoshiko A Story of Floating Weeds [Ukigusa Monogatari] (1934)
Tucker, Richard Helen’s Babies (1924)
Turfler, James Down to the Sea in Ships (1922)
Turner , Bowditch M. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The (1921)
Turner, Doreen Through the Back Door (1921)
Turner, Florence A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1909)
College (1927)
Twelfth Night (1910)
Turpin, Ben A Hash House Fraud (1915)
A Night Out (1915)
Burlesque on "Carmen" (1915)
By the sea (1915)
Champion, The (1915)
He Did and He Didn’t (1916)
His new Job (1915)
Mr. Flip (1909)
Musical Marvel, The (1917)

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