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Actor Movie(s)
Raabin, Manuel Petite marchande d’allumettes, La (1928)
Raaby, Manuel Tire-au-flanc (1928)
Radcliffe, Violet Aladdin and The Wonderful Lamp (1917)
Ræde, Ellen Great Circus Catastrophe, The (1912)
Raizman, Yuki Chess Fever (1925)
Ralph, Hanna Die Nibelungen (1924)
Faust (1926)
Ralph, Louis Spies (1928)
Ralston, Esther Marriage Circle, The (1924)
Peter Pan (1924)
Ralston, Jobyna For Heaven’s Sake (1926)
Freshman, The (1925)
Girl Shy (1924)
Hot Water (1924)
Kid Brother, The (1927)
Shine’em Up (1922)
Why Worry? (1923)
Rameau, Hans Faust (1926)
Rand, John A night at the Show (1915)
Adventurer, The (1917)
Bank, The (1915)
Behind the screen (1916)
Burlesque on "Carmen" (1915)
Circus (1928)
Count, The (1916)
Cure, The (1917)
Easy Street (1917)
Fast and Furious (1926)
Fireman, The (1916)
Idle Class, The (1921)
Immigrant, The (1917)
Pawnshop, The (1916)
Pay Day (1922)
Police (1915)
Rink, The (1916)
Shanghaied (1915)
Shoulder Arms (1918)
Vagabond, The (1915)
Rand, Sally A Girl in Every Port (1928)
Fighting Eagle, The (1927)
Randolf, Anders Black Pirate (1926)
Love of Sunya, The (1927)
Mum’s the Word (1926)
Wrong again (1929)
Ranger the Dog, Tracked (1928)
Rankin, Caroline Be My Wife (1921)
Rankin, Virginia Richard III (1912)
Ranous, William V. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1909)
Rasmussen, Holger Sealed Orders (1914)
Rasp, Fritz Diary of a Lost Girl (1929)
Love of Jeanne Ney, The (1927)
Metropolis (1926)
Spies (1928)
Warning Shadows [Schatten – Eine nächtliche Halluzination] (1923)
Woman in the Moon (1929)
Ratcliffe, E.J. Black Pirate (1926)
Rattenbury, Harry L. Delicious Little Devil, The (1919)
Zeb vs. Paprika (1924)
Ravet, Louis Passion of Joan of Arc (1928)
Rawlings, Margaret Woman He Scorned, The [Way of Lost Souls, The] (1929)
Rawlinson, Herbert Slipping Wives (1926)
Ray Meyers, W. Hunchback of Notre-Dame, The (1923)
Ray, Bobby Hop to it Bell Hop (1925)
Stick around (1925)
Stork Mad (1926)
Ray, Charles Garden of Eden, The (1928)
Ray, Man Entr’acte (1924)
Ray, Mona Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1927)
Raymond, Frances Seven Chances (1923)
Raymond, Helen Through the Back Door (1921)
Raynham, Fred Copper Beeches, The (1921)
Real, Cortes Braza dormida (1928)
Réal, Édith Eldorado (1921)
Reardon, Mildred Male and Female (1919)
Redmond, Granville A Day’s Pleasure (1919)
A Dog’s Life (1921)
Idle Class, The (1921)
Kid, The (1921)
Sunnyside (1919)
Reed, Diana Jesse James under the Black Flag (1921)
Reed, Donald Evangeline (1929)
Reed, George Helen’s Babies (1924)
Reed, Julian Adventures of the Wrong Santa Claus, The (1914)
Reed, Vivian His Majesty the Scarecrow of Oz (1914)
Reedy, John How Molly Made Good (1915)
Regas, George Love Light, The (1921)
Rehkopf, Paul Spies (1928)
Rehmann, Hans Woman He Scorned, The [Way of Lost Souls, The] (1929)
Rei, Taciana Limite (1931)
Reid, Wallace Affairs Of Anatol, The (1921)
Birth of a Nation (1915)
Carmen (1915)
Golden Chance, The (1916)
Joan the woman (1916)
Unseen Enemy, The (1912)
Reiger, Margie A Woman (1915)
By the sea (1915)
In the park (1915)
Reimann, Thyra Desdemona (1911)
Reinach, Edward Foolish Wives (1922)
Reinhardt, John Birth of a Race, The (extract) (1918)
Reinwald, Otto Blind Justice (1916)
Sealed Orders (1914)
Reisner, Charles A Dog’s Life (1921)
Kid, The (1921)
Pilgrim, The (1923)
Renoir, Pierre Fille de l’Eau, La (1924)
Renot, Delphine Vampires, Les (1915)
Requa, Charles King of Kings, The (1927)
Son of the Sheik (1926)
Reri, Tabu (1931)
Revier, Dorothy Iron Mask, The (1929)
Rex, Eugen Warning Shadows [Schatten – Eine nächtliche Halluzination] (1923)
Rex, Ludwig Cabinat Of Dr. Caligari, The (1919)
Reybaz, André Song of Love, A (1950)
Reynolds, Cecil Modern Times (1936)
Reynolds, Edna One Too Many (1916)
Rhoda, Sybil Downhill (1927)
Ribas, Antônio Alma do Brasil (1932)
Rice, Herbert Snow White (1916)
Rich, Lillian On the Front Page (1919)
Richard, Frida Die Nibelungen (1924)
Faust (1926)
Holy Mountain, The [Heilige Berg, Der] (1926)
Phantom (1922)
Richard, Viola Do detectives think (1927)
Leave ’em Laughing (1928)
Sailors Beware (1927)
Should Married Men Go Home (1928)
Why Girls Love Sailors (1927)
Richards, Nellie Manxman, The (1929)
Richardson, Jack Toll Gate, The (1920)
Richardson, John J. Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies (1925)
Richmond, Warner P. Tol’able David (1921)
Richter, Ellen Raid en Avion, Le (1924)
Richter, Paul Die Nibelungen (1924)
Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler (1922)
Indian Tomb, The (1921)
Rico, Carmen El leon de Sierra Morena (1927)
Rico, Mona Eternal Love (1929)
Ridgely, Cleo Golden Chance, The (1916)
Joan the woman (1916)
Riefenstahl, Leni Holy Mountain, The [Heilige Berg, Der] (1926)
Weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü, Die (1929)
Riesner, Dean Pilgrim, The (1923)
Riley, Jean A Day’s Pleasure (1919)
Riley, Thomas A Dog’s Life (1921)
Rin-Tin-Tin, Where the North Begins (1923)
Rina, Ita Erotikon (1929)
Rindom, Svend Sealed Orders (1914)
Ring, Blanche It’s The Old Army Game (1926)
Ritchard, Cyril Piccadilly (1929)
Rivero, Enrique Blood of a Poet, The (1930)
Roach, Bert One Wet Night (1924)
Roach, Hal Number Please! (1920)
Patchwork Girl of Oz, The (1914)
Roanne, André Diary of a Lost Girl (1929)
Lost Atlantis (1920)
Robards, Willis Three Musketeers (1921)
Robbins, Art Tracked (1928)
Robbins, Walt Just Tony (1922)
Robert, Iris Die Nibelungen (1924)
Roberts, Alice Pandora’s Box (1929)
Roberts, Hans Great White Trail, The (1917)
Roberts, Joe Blacksmith, The (1922)
Convict 13 (1920)
Cops (1922)
Day Dream (1922)
Electric House, The (1922)
Frozen North, The (1921)
Goat, The (1921)
Hard Luck (1921)
Haunted House, The (1922)
Love Nest, The (1923)
My wife’s relations (1922)
Neighbors (1920)
One Week (1921)
Our Hospitality (1923)
Paleface, The (1921)
Playhouse, The (1921)
Scarecrow, The (1920)
Three Ages (1928)
Roberts, Theodore A Little Princess (1917)
Affairs Of Anatol, The (1921)
Don’t Change Your Husband (1919)
Male and Female (1919)
Miss Lulu Bett (1921)
Suds (1920)
Ten Commandments, The (1923)
Robertshaw, Jerrold Downhill (1927)
Robinson, Carlyle Idle Class, The (1921)
Robinson, Forrest Tess of the Storm Country (1922)
Tol’able David (1921)
Robinson, Gertrude Cord of Life, The (1909)
What the Daisy said (1910)
Robinson, W.C. Battle, The (1911)
Musketeers of Pig Alley, The (1912)
Swords and Hearts (1911)
Robson, May How Molly Made Good (1915)
Roche, John Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1927)
Rock, Murray Half a Man (1925)
Röd, Einar Parson’s Widow, [The Prästänkan] (1920)
Rodney, Earle A Roman Scandal (1919)
Know Thy Wife (1918)
Rowdy Ann (1918)
Rodrigue, Madeleine Crazy Ray, The (1925)
Roelsgaard, Jenny Great Circus Catastrophe, The (1912)
Rogan, Florence Sparrows (1926)
Rogers, Charles ‘Buddy’ My best girl (1927)
Rogers, Charley Double Whoopee (1929)
Habeas Corpus (1928)
Rogers, Molly Livingston (1925)
Rogers, Will Big Moments from Little Pictures (1924)
Headless Horseman, The (1922)
Roland, Gilbert Lost World, The (1925)
Plastic Age, The (1925)
Roldán, Fernando Curro Vargas (1923)
Rollan, Henri Crazy Ray, The (1925)
Three Musketeers (1921)
Romanoff, Constantine Kid Brother, The (1927)
Rooke, Irene Hindle Wakes (1927)
Rooney, Patrick City Girl (1930)
Rosanova, Rosa Blood and Sand (1922)
Cobra (1925)
Roscoe, Alan Last of the Mohicans, The (1920)
Long Pants (1927)
Rosen, Jimmy Snow White (1916)
Rosing, Bodil Eternal Love (1929)
Sunrise (1927)
Ross, Churchill Plastic Age, The (1925)
Rossitto, Angelo Beloved Rogue, The (1927)
Rosson, Arthur A Cure for Pokeritis (1912)
Rosson, Richard How Fatty Made Good (1913)
Patchwork Girl of Oz, The (1914)
Rothgardt, Wanda Sir Arne’s Treasure (1919)
Roudenko, Vladimir Napoleon (1927)
Rouer, Germaine Terre, La (1921)
Rovensky, Josef Diary of a Lost Girl (1929)
Rowe, George Mother’s Joy (1924)
Near Dublin (1924)
Official Officers (1925)
Oranges and Lemons (1923)
Postage Due (1924)
Roughest Africa (1923)
Scorching Sands (1923)
Short Kilts (1924)
Smithy [The Home Wrecker] (1924)
Soilers, The (1920)
You’re Darn Tootin (1928)
You’re Darn Tootin’ (extract) (1928)
Zeb vs. Paprika (1924)
Roy Barnes, T. Seven Chances (1923)
Royer, Missouri Block Signal, The (1926)
Ruan, Ling-yu Peach Girl, The (1931)
Ruge, Billy One Too Many (1916)
Ruggles, Wesley A night at the Show (1915)
Bank, The (1915)
Behind the screen (1916)
Burlesque on "Carmen" (1915)
Pawnshop, The (1916)
Police (1915)
Shanghaied (1915)
Triple Trouble (1918)
Rupert, L. Richard III (1911)
Russell, Raymond His Majesty the Scarecrow of Oz (1914)
Patchwork Girl of Oz, The (1914)
Russell, Robert Tess of the Storm Country (1922)
Ruth, Babe Speedy (1928)
Ryan, Joe Vanishing American, The (1925)
Ryan, Mildred Live Wire, The (1925)

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