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Actor Movie(s)
Pabst, Erich Destiny [Müde Tod, Der] (1921)
Packard, Clayton King of Kings, The (1927)
Pagano, Bartolomeo Cabiria (1914)
Maciste in Hell (1926)
Pagay, Sophie Gypsy Blood (1918)
Paget, Alfred Aladdin and The Wonderful Lamp (1917)
Battle at Elderbush Gulch, The (1913)
Battle, The (1911)
Death’s Marathon (1913)
Enoch Arden (1911)
For His Son (1912)
Girl and Her Trust, The (1912)
House of Darkness, The (1913)
Intolerance (1916)
Lesser Evil, The (1912)
Massacre, The (1912)
Musketeers of Pig Alley, The (1912)
One Is Business, the Other Crime (1912)
Red Man’s View, The (1909)
Romance of the Jewess (1908)
Song of the Shirt (1908)
Swords and Hearts (1911)
Usurer, The (1910)
What Shall We Do With Our Old (1911)
Paget, F.M. King John (1899)
Palerme, Gina Au secours ! (1923)
Pallette, Eugene Battle of the Century (1927)
Battle of the Century, The (extract) (1927)
Canary Murder Case, The (1929)
Fluttering Hearts (1927)
Penalty, The (1920)
Second Hundred Years, The (1927)
Sugar Daddies (1927)
Three Musketeers (1921)
Palm, Walter Hoosier Schoolmaster (1924)
Palmer, Corliss Bromo and Juliet (1926)
Palmer, Patricia Rowdy Ann (1918)
Palmer, Retta Big business (1929)
Putting pants on Philip (1928)
Their purple moment (1927)
Panov, Nikolaï Queen of Spades, The (1916)
Panzer, Paul Perils of Pauline, The (1914)
Princess Nicotine or The Smoke Fairy (1909)
Thieving Hand, The (1908)
Papa, Salvatore Inferno, L’ (1911)
Parisini, Roberto Cyrano de Bergerac (1923)
Parker, Lolita Idle Class, The (1921)
Parker, Mrs. Idle Class, The (1921)
Parker, William Hunchback of Notre-Dame, The (1923)
Parks, J. Shoulder Arms (1918)
Sunnyside (1919)
Young Romance (1915)
Parmalee, Phillip Dash Through The Clouds (1912)
Parquet, Corinne A Reckless Romeo (1917)
Parrish, Robert Olympic Games (1927)
Parrott, James Hustling for Health (1926)
Shine’em Up (1922)
Two-Gun Gussie (1918)
Parry, Lee Daugther of the Night (1920)
Parsons, Percy
Pasha, Kalla Wicked Darling, The (1919)
Pasquier, Jean Ménilmontant (1926)
Paton, Charles
Patrick, John Sherlock Jr (1925)
Pau, Lina Destiny [Müde Tod, Der] (1921)
Paulais, Georges Eldorado (1921)
Paulig, Albert Oyster Princess, The (1919)
Pauly, Edgar Spiders, The (1919)
Woman in the Moon (1929)
Pawlowa, Vera Diary of a Lost Girl (1929)
Payne, Louis Evangeline (1929)
Payson, Blanche Dollars and Sense (1916)
Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies (1925)
Three Ages (1928)
Peacock, Kim Manxman, The (1929)
Pearson, Virginia Mum’s the Word (1926)
Phantom of the opera (1925)
Wizard of Oz, The (1925)
Pedersen, Maren Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922)
Pedrera, Brutrus Limite (1931)
Peil, Edward Broken Blossoms (1918)
Peirce, Douglas Livingston (1925)
Peixoto, Mário Limite (1931)
Pelisse, Germaine Faux magistrat, Le (1914)
Pendleton, Edna 20,000 leagues under the sea (1916)
Pendleton, Nat Hoosier Schoolmaster (1924)
Pennick, Jack City Girl (1930)
Percy, Eileen Cobra (1925)
Percy, Thelma Seven Years Bad Luck (1921)
Peregonets, Aleksandra Aelita The Queen of Mars (1924)
Periolat, George Blood and Sand (1922)
Mark of Zorro, The (1920)
Nurse Marjorie (1920)
Perkins, Osgood Love’em and Leave’em (1926)
Perrin, Jack Blind Husbands (1919)
Dangerous Traffic (1926)
Perry, Frederick Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman (1917)
Peters-Arnolds, Henri Cabinat Of Dr. Caligari, The (1919)
Peters, Captain John Double Whoopee (1929)
Peters, Edith Adventures of the Wrong Santa Claus, The (1914)
Peters, Frederick Salomé (1923)
Tarzan and the Golden Lion (1927)
Peters, House Raffles (1925)
Peters, Mattie Helen’s Babies (1924)
Petersen, Ernst Holy Mountain, The [Heilige Berg, Der] (1926)
Weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü, Die (1929)
Petersen, Vilhelm Master of the House, The [Du skal ære din hustru] (1925)
Peterson, Betty K. Seven Years Bad Luck (1921)
Petrik, Pavel Earth [Zemlya] (1930)
Petrov, Sergei Arsenal (1928)
Petrovsky, A. Ranks and People (1929)
Peyran, Arlette Faces of Children (1925)
Peyton, Lawrence Joan the woman (1916)
Phelps, Lee Putting pants on Philip (1928)
Philbin, Mary Man Who Laughs, The (1928)
Merry-Go-Round (1923)
Phantom of the opera (1925)
Philippe, Pierre Catherine (1924)
Fille de l’Eau, La (1924)
Phillips, Augustus A Christmas Accident (1912)
Phillips, Blanche Teddy at the Throttle (1917)
Phillips, Dorothy Hear of Humanity (1919)
Phillips, Eddie Bells, The (1926)
Love Light, The (1921)
Picabia, Francis Entr’acte (1924)
Picha, Hermann Indian Tomb, The (1921)
Tartuffe (1927)
Pick, Helena Lodger, The (1929)
Pick, Lupu Spies (1928)
Pickford, Jack Bat, The (1926)
Dash Through The Clouds (1912)
Massacre, The (1912)
Musketeers of Pig Alley, The (1912)
New York Hat, The (1912)
Painted Lady, The (1912)
Pickford, Lottie A Strange Meeting (1909)
Don Q, Son of Zorro (1925)
Red Man’s View, The (1909)
Pickford, Mary A Little Princess (1917)
A Strange Meeting (1909)
Amarilly of clothes-line Alley (1919)
Black Pirate (1926)
Cinderella (1914)
Country Doctor, The (1909)
Daddy Long Legs (1918)
Female of the Species, The (1912)
Friends (1912)
Gaucho, The (1928)
Heart O’ The Hills (1919)
In the Border States (1910)
Lonely Villa, The (1909)
Love Light, The (1921)
Mender of Nets, The (1912)
My best girl (1927)
Narrow Road, The (1923)
New York Hat, The (1912)
Renunciation (1909)
Sealed Room, The (1909)
Son’s Return, The (1909)
Sparrows (1926)
Stella Maris (1918)
Suds (1920)
Tess of the Storm Country (1922)
Through the Back Door (1921)
Unchanging Sea, The (1910)
Usurer, The (1910)
Violon Maker of Cremona, The (1909)
What the Daisy said (1910)
Wilful Peggy (1910)
Pierce, Barbara Sailors Beware (1927)
Seven Chances (1923)
Pierce, Curtis Down to the Sea in Ships (1922)
Pierce, James Tarzan and the Golden Lion (1927)
Pigott, Tempe Black Pirate (1926)
Pinillos, Laura Curro Vargas (1923)
Pio, Elith Blind Justice (1916)
Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922)
Pirovano, Arturo Inferno, L’ (1911)
Pistek, Theodor Erotikon (1929)
Pitts, ZaSu A Little Princess (1917)
Pittschau, Ernst Different from the Others (1919)
Platen, Karl Asphalt (1929)
Indian Tomb, The (1921)
Warning Shadows [Schatten – Eine nächtliche Halluzination] (1923)
Woman in the Moon (1929)
Platt, Billy Snow White (1916)
Playter, Wellington A. Back to God’s Country (1919)
Wicked Darling, The (1919)
Pleschkoff, Michael Eagle, The (1925)
Plessner, Clementine Different from the Others (1919)
Podoroshnij, Les Zvenigora (1928)
Poff, Lon Iron Mask, The (1929)
Three Musketeers (1921)
Pohl, Klaus Woman in the Moon (1929)
Pointner, Anton Raid en Avion, Le (1924)
Pol, Pavel Aelita The Queen of Mars (1924)
Girl with the Hatbox, The (1927)
Polaire, Pauline Maciste in Hell (1926)
Pollard, Daphne Campus Vamp (1928)
Pollard, Harry ‘Snub’ A Sammy In Siberia (1919)
All Aboard (1917)
Are Crooks Dishonest? (1918)
Ask Father (1919)
Billy Blazes, Esq. (1919)
Bumping Into Broadway (1919)
By the sea (1915)
Captain Kidd’s Kids (1919)
City Slicker, The (1918)
From Hand To Mouth (1919)
His Regeneration (1915)
His Royal Slyness (1920)
It’s a Gift (1923)
Just Neighbors (1919)
Non-Stop Kid, The (1918)
Police (1915)
Ring Up the Curtain (1919)
Triple Trouble (1918)
Two-Gun Gussie (1918)
What a Whopper (1921)
Pollet, Albert Mysterious Lady, The (1928)
Pollock, Ellen Moulin Rouge (1928)
Polo, Malvina A Woman of Paris (1923)
Foolish Wives (1922)
Poltavseva, N. Battleship Potemkin (1925)
Pomiès, Georges Tire-au-flanc (1928)
Pontoppidan, Clara Desdemona (1911)
Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922)
Once Upon A Time [Der Van Engang] (1922)
Popov, Nikolai October, Ten Days that shock the world (1927)
Popov, Vladimir Girl with the Hatbox, The (1927)
Ranks and People (1929)
Porchet, Arthur Faces of Children (1925)
Potechina, Lydia Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler (1922)
Potel, Victor Alkali Ike’s Auto (1911)
Poulsen, Karen Once Upon A Time [Der Van Engang] (1922)
Pounds, Louie Farmer’s Wife (1928)
Powell, Franck Broken Locket, The (1909)
Cardinal’s Conspiracy, The (1909)
Country Doctor, The (1909)
Powell, Hazel Hustling for Health (1926)
Powell, William Canary Murder Case, The (1929)
Powers, Francis Iron Horse, The (1924)
Powers, Tom A Cure for Pokeritis (1912)
Pradot, Marcelle Eldorado (1921)
Pratt, Jack Roman Candles (1920)
Pré Fils, Louis Three Musketeers (1921)
Préjean, Albert Crazy Ray, The (1925)
Prelia, Claire Eldorado (1921)
Prevost, Marie Marriage Circle, The (1924)
Price, Kate Amarilly of clothes-line Alley (1919)
Good Night, Nurse ! (1918)
My wife’s relations (1922)
Price, Mechtilde Roman Candles (1920)
Prince, John T. Dr. Jack (1922)
King of Kings, The (1927)
Prior, Herbert Lesser Evil, The (1912)
Son’s Return, The (1909)
Violon Maker of Cremona, The (1909)
Prisco, Albert Love Light, The (1921)
Pro, V. Storm Over Asia (1929)
Proctor, Elita A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1909)
Protazanov, Yakov Chess Fever (1925)
Proudfit, Catherine Hustling for Health (1926)
Psilander, Valdemar Candle and the Moth, The (1915)
Desdemona (1911)
Great Circus Catastrophe, The (1912)
Temptations of a Great City (1911)
Pudovkin, Vsevolod End Of St. Petersburg, The (1927)
New Babylon, The (1929)
Puértolas, Manolo Don Leandro el Inefable (1919)
Puffy, Charles I kiss your hand, Madam (1929)
Open All Night (1924)
Puglia, Frank Man Who Laughs, The (1928)
Purviance, Edna A Day’s Pleasure (1919)
A Dog’s Life (1921)
A Jitney Elopement (1915)
A night at the Show (1915)
A Night Out (1915)
A Woman (1915)
A Woman of Paris (1923)
Adventurer, The (1917)
Bank, The (1915)
Behind the screen (1916)
Burlesque on "Carmen" (1915)
By the sea (1915)
Champion, The (1915)
Count, The (1916)
Cure, The (1917)
Easy Street (1917)
Fireman, The (1916)
Floorwalker, The (1916)
Idle Class, The (1921)
Immigrant, The (1917)
In the park (1915)
Kid, The (1921)
Pawnshop, The (1916)
Pay Day (1922)
Pilgrim, The (1923)
Police (1915)
Rink, The (1916)
Shanghaied (1915)
Shoulder Arms (1918)
Sunnyside (1919)
Tramp, The (1915)
Triple Trouble (1918)
Vagabond, The (1915)
Work (1915)

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