Actors – Letter I

Scroll down to view silent film actors who have last names beginning with the letter “I”.

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Actor Movie(s)
Ibáñez, Angelita El tren fantasma (1927)
Ibáñez, Clarita El tren fantasma (1927)
Iida, Choko A Story of Floating Weeds [Ukigusa Monogatari] (1934)
Iizuka, Kosaburo Danshichi Chigireguno (Danshichi the Wanderer) (1938)
Illéry, Pola Captain Fracasse (1928)
Ilyinsky, Igor Aelita The Queen of Mars (1924)
Imboden, David King of Kings, The (1927)
Ince, Thomas H.
Ingraham, Lloyd Intolerance (1916)
Inkijinoff, Valéry Storm Over Asia (1929)
Inkishanov, I. Storm Over Asia (1929)
Inslee, Charles A Calamitous Elopment (1908)
A night at the Show (1915)
A Woman (1915)
Adventures of Dollie, The (1908)
Bank, The (1915)
Cord of Life, The (1909)
Father Gets into the Game (1908)
His new Job (1915)
Money Mad (1908)
Romance of the Jewess (1908)
Work (1915)
Iribe, Marie-Louise Lost Atlantis (1920)
Irie, Takako Tokyo March [Tokyo koshin-kyoku] (1929)
Irvine, Robin Downhill (1927)
Easy Virtue (1927)
Irving, William Cameraman, The (1928)
You’re Darn Tootin (1928)
You’re Darn Tootin’ (extract) (1928)
Irwin, Boyd Three Musketeers (1921)
Ivanin, M. General Line, The (1929)
Ivanov, F. Chess Fever (1925)
Storm Over Asia (1929)
Ivanov, I. Strike (1924)
Iversen, Jon Blind Justice (1916)
Izumo, Yaeko Kodakara Sodo (Kid Commotion) (1935)

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