Actors – Letter F

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Actor Movie(s)
Faber, Jane Fantômas, à l’ombre de la guillotine (1913)
Mort qui tue, Le (1913)
Fabian, Kate Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922)
Fabian, Mary Phantom of the opera (1925)
Fabrèges, Fabienne Mort qui tue, Le (1913)
Fair, Elinor Through the Back Door (1921)
Fair, Florence Sally of the sawdust (1921)
Fairbanks Jr., Douglas Stella Dallas (1925)
Fairbanks, Douglas Black Pirate (1926)
Don Q, Son of Zorro (1925)
Gaucho, The (1928)
Iron Mask, The (1929)
Mark of Zorro, The (1920)
Mistery of the Leaping Fish, The (1916)
Robin Hood (1922)
Thief of Bagdad, The (1924)
Three Musketeers (1921)
Fairbanks, Florabelle Love of Sunya, The (1927)
Fairbanks, Madeline Their One Love (1915)
Fairbanks, Marion Their One Love (1915)
Falconetti, Maria Passion of Joan of Arc (1928)
Falkenstein, Julius Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler (1922)
Oyster Princess, The (1919)
Spies (1928)
Fantol, Pedro Braza dormida (1928)
Sangue mineiro (1929)
Farah, Felipe Borrachera del tango, La (1928)
Destinos, Romance estudantil (1929)
Farebrother, Violet Downhill (1927)
Easy Virtue (1927)
Richard III (1911)
Farenza, Louise Bat, The (1926)
Farley, Dot Bangville Police (1913)
His First Flame (1927)
Woman of the World, A (1925)
Farley, Jim General, The (1926)
Farnum, Dustin Squaw Man, The (1914)
Farnum, Franklyn Scarlet Car, The (1917)
Farrar, Geraldine Carmen (1915)
Farrel, Charles City Girl (1930)
Ring, The (1927)
Seventh Heaven (1927)
Farrell MacDonald, J. Iron Horse, The (1924)
Sky High (1922)
Sunrise (1927)
Three Bad Men (1926)
Fatton, Fridette Tire-au-flanc (1928)
Fawcett, George Burn ’em Up Barnes (1921)
Flesh and the Devil (1926)
Manslaughter (1922)
Son of the Sheik (1926)
Tempest (1927)
Fay, Billy Billy Blazes, Esq. (1919)
City Slicker, The (1918)
Non-Stop Kid, The (1918)
Two-Gun Gussie (1918)
Fay, Hugh A Hash House Fraud (1915)
Faye, Julia Affairs Of Anatol, The (1921)
Don’t Change Your Husband (1919)
Fighting Eagle, The (1927)
Male and Female (1919)
Manslaughter (1922)
Ten Commandments, The (1923)
Fazenda, Louise A Bird’s a bird (1915)
A Hash House Fraud (1915)
Hearts and Flowers (1919)
Her Torpedoed Love (1924)
Feducha, Marion A Day’s Pleasure (1919)
Feher, Friedrich Cabinat Of Dr. Caligari, The (1919)
Fellowes, Rockliffe Regeneration (1915)
Fenton, Mark Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The (1921)
Feodoroff, Leo Laugh, Clown, Laugh (1928)
Ferdinandov, Boris Ghost That Never Returns, The (1929)
Ferguson, Casson Cobra (1925)
Manslaughter (1922)
Ferguson, Helen Miss Lulu Bett (1921)
Fernandes, Rilda Aitaré da praia (1926)
Ferrari, Angelo Cyrano de Bergerac (1923)
Ferreira, Conceição Alma do Brasil (1932)
Field, George Blood and Sand (1922)
Fields, W.C. Pool Sharks (1915)
Sally of the sawdust (1921)
Fillmore, Clyde Nurse Marjorie (1920)
Finch, Flora A Cure for Pokeritis (1912)
Cat and the canary, The (1927)
Live Wire, The (1925)
Orphans of the storm (1925)
Those Awful Hats (1909)
Way of Man, The (1909)
Finch, Frank Lost World, The (1925)
Fine, Budd Battling Butler (1926)
General, The (1926)
Racketeer, The (1929)
Finlayson, Alex Thundering Fleas (1926)
Finlayson, James 45 Minutes From Hollywood (1926)
Big business (1929)
Call of the Cuckoo (1927)
Do detectives think (1927)
Frozen Hearts (1923)
Innocent Husbands (1925)
Liberty (1929)
Liberty (extract) (1929)
Love ‘Em and Weep (1927)
Mary, Queen of Tots (1925)
Mother’s Joy (1924)
Near Dublin (1924)
No Man’s Law (1928)
Official Officers (1925)
Postage Due (1924)
Roughest Africa (1923)
Scorching Sands (1923)
Second Hundred Years, The (1927)
Short Kilts (1924)
Should Tall Men Marry (1927)
Sleuth, The (1925)
Smithy [The Home Wrecker] (1924)
Soilers, The (1920)
Sugar Daddies (1927)
Thundering Fleas (1926)
With Love and Hisses (1927)
Yes, yes, Nanette (1925)
Zeb vs. Paprika (1924)
Fischer, Margarita Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1927)
Fisher, Alfred Putting pants on Philip (1928)
Fisher, James King John (1899)
Fitzgerald, Cissy Laugh, Clown, Laugh (1928)
Fitzpatrick, Charlotte Kid Auto Races In Venice (1927)
Fitzroy, Emily Bat, The (1926)
Fitzroy, Louis A Dog’s Life (1921)
Blind Husbands (1919)
Fjelstrup, Peter Bear Tamer, The (Bjørnetæmmeren) (1912)
Blind Justice (1916)
Fjord, Olaf Erotikon (1929)
Fjorde, Madame How Molly Made Good (1915)
Flanagan, D.J. Alias Jimmy Valentine (1915)
Flowers, Bess A Woman of Paris (1923)
We Faw Down (1928)
Flowerton, Consuelo Camille (1921)
Flynn, Maurice B. Open All Night (1924)
Fockenberghe, Fille de l’Eau, La (1924)
Fogel, Vladimir Bed and Sofa (1927)
Chess Fever (1925)
End Of St. Petersburg, The (1927)
Girl with the Hatbox, The (1927)
House on Trubnaya, The (1928)
Foley, Elizabeth Down to the Sea in Ships (1922)
Fønss, Olaf Indian Tomb, The (1921)
Forbes, Al Postage Due (1924)
Soilers, The (1920)
Zeb vs. Paprika (1924)
Force, Charles A Dog’s Life (1921)
Gold Rush, The (1925)
Forest, Jean Crainquebille (1922)
Faces of Children (1925)
Forman, Tom Young Romance (1915)
Forster-Larrinaga, Robert Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler (1922)
Foster, Edna Battle, The (1911)
Fournez-Goff, Fall of the House of Usher, The (1928)
Passion of Joan of Arc (1928)
Fournez-Goffard, Fall of the House of Usher, The (1928)
Fowell, Frank A Fool There Was (1915)
Corner in Wheat (1909)
Those Awful Hats (1909)
Fowler, J.C. Gold Rush, The (1925)
Fox, Johnny Back to God’s Country (1919)
Fox, Reginald Livingston (1925)
Fox, Virginia Blacksmith, The (1922)
Boat, The (1921)
Cops (1922)
Electric House, The (1922)
Goat, The (1921)
Hard Luck (1921)
Haunted House, The (1922)
Love Nest, The (1923)
Neighbors (1920)
Playhouse, The (1921)
Foy, Mary Headless Horseman, The (1922)
Hoosier Schoolmaster (1924)
It’s The Old Army Game (1926)
Fraiser, Harry Burn ’em Up Barnes (1921)
Franceschi, Paul Lost Atlantis (1920)
Francis, Alec B. Alias Jimmy Valentine (1915)
Beyond the Rocks (1922)
Evangeline (1929)
Three Bad Men (1926)
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (1926)
Wishing Ring, An Idyll of Old England (1914)
Francis, Eve Eldorado (1921)
Francis, Olin Kid Brother, The (1927)
Francisco, Betty Long Pants (1927)
Franco, Rosendo Braza dormida (1928)
Franco, Rozendo Sangue mineiro (1929)
Francy, Nedda Borrachera del tango, La (1928)
Frank, Addie E. Snow White (1916)
Frank, Christian J. You’re Darn Tootin (1928)
You’re Darn Tootin’ (extract) (1928)
Frank, Harry Spiders, The (1919)
Franklin, Martha Don Q, Son of Zorro (1925)
Franklin, Sidney Block Signal, The (1926)
Three Musketeers (1921)
Franko, I. Earth [Zemlya] (1930)
Fraunholz, Fraunie A House Divided (1913)
Matrimony’s Speed Limits (1913)
Frederici, Blanche Sadie Thompson (1928)
Freitas Cardoso, Mário Aitaré da praia (1926)
French, Charles K. A Woman of Paris (1923)
Cord of Life, The (1909)
Extra Girl, The (1923)
French, George B. Battle of the Century (1927)
Battle of the Century, The (extract) (1927)
Fourth Alarm!, The (1926)
Thundering Fleas (1926)
Frenyear, Mabel A Fool There Was (1915)
Freund, Karl Michael [Mikaël] (1924)
Frey, Ellen Metropolis (1926)
Fries, Otto Air Pockets (1927)
Call of the Cuckoo (1927)
Fast and Furious (1926)
From Soup to Nuts (1928)
Second Hundred Years, The (1927)
Frïss, Inge Entr’acte (1924)
Fritsch, Willy Spies (1928)
Woman in the Moon (1929)
Fröhlich, Gustav Asphalt (1929)
Metropolis (1926)
Frölich, Else Candle and the Moth, The (1915)
Desdemona (1911)
Fruen, Patricia Way Down East (1920)
Fuetterer, Werner Faust (1926)
Fujimatsu, Shotaro Kodakara Sodo (Kid Commotion) (1935)
Fuller, Dale Ben Hur (1925)
Foolish Wives (1922)
Manslaughter (1922)
Marriage Circle, The (1924)
Merry-Go-Round (1923)
We Faw Down (1928)
Fuller, Don Phantom Flyer, The (1928)
Fuller, Jesse ‘Lone Cat’ Thief of Bagdad, The (1924)
Fuller, Mary
Fürth, Jaro Diary of a Lost Girl (1929)
Joyless Street (1925)
Fushimi, Naoe Oatsurae Jirokichi Goshi (Jirokichi the Rat) (1931)
Fushimi, Nobuko Oatsurae Jirokichi Goshi (Jirokichi the Rat) (1931)
Fuß, Kurt Daugther of the Night (1920)

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